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F.A.Q  Bath Towels Online


Q. Your site is bulk buy only; I don’t need as many items can I order less?

A. You are welcome to order less, just tell us the amount you need, however the price per item will be higher as we are unable to offer a huge discount as you are not purchasing in bulk.

Q I wish to purchase your products however I do not have an abn.

A Our products are for the hospitality industry that is why all items are sold in bulk, however if you wish to purchase products for your home, be prepared to pay a little extra for our products which are a higher standard compared with domestic products.

Q. I do not wish to order online, however I wish to order by phone.

A. We accept credit cards Visa and MasterCard; you are welcome to ring through your order or send an email through our contact page for a quotation.

Q. Why are the sheet thread counts not higher?

A. You will find commercial linen thread counts are usually between 160 to 200 GSM’s simply because commercial linen threads are much thicker than the sheets sold for the retail / domestic market . A hotel sheet is washed after every time a guest leaves the hotel, so understandably hotel sheets need to be more durable to withstand the number of washes circa over 300 washes a year. Many people in search of “quality sheets” are of the impression that the sheet has to have a higher thread count averaging 350GSM’s or higher, these types of domestic sheets would not stand the test of time for so many washes. Additionally many consumers find after a short while the elastic becomes loose; rendering the sheets useless. For this reason flat sheets are more practical and economical for the hospitality commercial industry.